What is up with the 1440 tipping?

First, 1440 minutes make up every day and every individual around the world receives the same amount. How we spend each minute can determine what we accomplish and who we influence around the world. Purchasing and using your XRP every day helps promote adoption for the digital asset even if you tip .0001440 using the @XRPTipBot using twitter or the XRP Tip Bot app on your smart phone. The tip format of 1440 is part of remembering we all make a difference and every minute counts.

Where can I use XRP today?

Always do your own research when spending and donating XRP. One simple method is to use Good Souls Group Charities method for distributing tips using the @XRPTipbot. By auto-tweets XRPTipBot, donations are made to followed charities. Donations sent here will be split among all charities we follow evenly, so you can simplify sending each charity an even amount.

Where can I learn more about XRP?

We will start at the source and recommend https://ripple.com and venture out further by enjoying XRP Community blog post at https://xrpcommunity.blog where individuals will publish information about the digital asset XRP. @Coil also has a list of URL sites you can explore at https://coin.com/explore. There are many additional sites we will list in the future and you can always visit https//ripple.com for resources, vendors, and general information on the digital asset. If you want additional hands on experience with submitting and signing transactions please visit https://developers.ripple.com/index.html

I want to purchase stuff and promote XRP?

We will always list areas to find XRP products from the community. One of our first purchase came from https://danitorresfineart.com/ with a print display XRP that hangs in our office. We have also purchased multiple pairs of socks from @CrypToe_Man that will one day be some of the most expensive clothing we own. We will list additional sites to purchase with your XRP and keep you updated as the XRP adoption continues.